Dope Chef Currency Clothing

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jim jones

Spotted Tinie rockin’ these garms. They are the shit, you NEED to cop these for your wardrobe. Also worn by Rick Ross and Jim Jones among others.

Head over to Dope Chef Currency

Definitely gotta get the Arab Money jumper or tee.


The New Kings of R’n’B

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Ok, so technically, these guys have been around for quite a while. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been sleeping on these three that have recently come to prominence, but I believe they are the new future of R’n’B. There are lots of other artists out there with the potential to have a massive impact in the music scene, but I have selected three of my current favourites who I believe will be major players.

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Tinie Tempah – Biker Babe .. “Mystery Line-up”…

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..Errr, or not so it seems.

Now, let me start by saying that I respect the moves the UK scene is making at the moment as it attempts to break into the mainstream. I am a huge fan of UK music, particularly the more “rap/hip-hop” artists such as Mike Glc, Scorcher, Wretch 32 etc. I’ve followed Scorcher since “Leader of the New School”, Wretch since “Learn from My Mixtape”, and Sincere since “That’s Not Gangsta”.

I have also witnessed the talent that Tinie Tempah brings, ever since his smash hit “Wifey” broke onto Channel U three years ago. I believe Tinie is the next one to break the mainstream. Alongside Bashy, Tinie seems to be the most versatile out of all the artists coming through the ranks at the moment. Whether he hops on remixes with the cream of the UK crop, or raps alongside international stars M.I.A and Omarion, he never sounds out of his depth. Continue reading

Drunker Than A Muh’Fucka.. Even When I’m Drunk Tho I’m Hotter Than These Other Busters..

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Ego (Remix)Trey Songz

trey songz

Really feelin’ this tune. Big props to Trey who kills it, just like every other freestyle he has done this year. R’n’B dudes need to keep up, but still keep an eye out for Sammie.

Welcome to My World..

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To my new blog. I am Denton, and I run YoungFlyMoneyMakers. Here you will find the latest news, music, fashion and football. I will also post my own blogs which I hope will keep you entertained and keep you coming back for more!