Tinie Tempah – Biker Babe .. “Mystery Line-up”…

..Errr, or not so it seems.

Now, let me start by saying that I respect the moves the UK scene is making at the moment as it attempts to break into the mainstream. I am a huge fan of UK music, particularly the more “rap/hip-hop” artists such as Mike Glc, Scorcher, Wretch 32 etc. I’ve followed Scorcher since “Leader of the New School”, Wretch since “Learn from My Mixtape”, and Sincere since “That’s Not Gangsta”.

I have also witnessed the talent that Tinie Tempah brings, ever since his smash hit “Wifey” broke onto Channel U three years ago. I believe Tinie is the next one to break the mainstream. Alongside Bashy, Tinie seems to be the most versatile out of all the artists coming through the ranks at the moment. Whether he hops on remixes with the cream of the UK crop, or raps alongside international stars M.I.A and Omarion, he never sounds out of his depth.

However, in his latest move, I believe Tinie has disappointed me a little. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve raised the bar so high with regards to my expectations, but when he released his 5 YouTube clips of guest MC’s for the ‘Biker Babe’ remix, the artist choice was just too …. predictable.

I appreciate the whole UK unity thing going on, and how one opens the door for the others and so forth, but after the suspense, I expected a little more creativity, a little more versatality.. even a little more daring than the MC’s asked to hop on the remix. No doubt, the talent is there and the MCs on the track are all world-class, yet these past 2 years we have seen the same line-up for remixes time and time again.

Okay, some may argue there’s not enough talent in the scene, and Tinie could be making the best out of what he has got to work with. However, I know he is a truly innovative artist, and I would like to have seen at least a little variation in his artist choice. Throwing an R ‘n’ B dude like Young Nate on there, much like Busta had Ne-Yo on the 2006 remix of “Touch It”, would have shown at least some variation, and with his connections to artists such as M.I.A and Omarion, I believe that the remix for the track could have had an even more exciting line-up than what was promised. (Side Note: Ok, the tempo of the track may not suit an R’n’B artist but this could be worked on)

No disrespect to any of the MCs on the track as they are all some of the greatest lyricists in the game, but even letting younger MCs such as Double-S, Vertex, IceKid or Young Dot on the remix could also help to break even more artists from the UK, giving them greater web exposure and airplay.

What do you lot think?

You can see 5 mystery line-up videos over at Tinie’s Blog

Below is the original version.


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